Will Grass Seed Grow If It Is Just Thrown On The Ground

You have a lawn and want to plant some grass! But you don’t know how to start. So many questions arise in your mind. Then let’s start with a common question, will grass seed grow if it is just thrown on the ground?

A beginner usually asks how to grow plants, when to spread seeds and what the full procedure of entire lawn care is? So here you will get the information about spreading grass seed to grow healthy grass for your lawn. 

Will Grass Seed Grow If It Is Just Thrown On The Ground?

Grass seeds will surely grow if you just throw them on the ground of your lawn. There are lots of methods of lawn care by just throwing grass seed on the ground. 

But it can endure a negative effect even after seeds sprout in the soil. It can hamper seeds to germinate. After some time the grass quality will reduce as it is not rooted properly and stop thriving. 

If no grass maintenance is done before planting and just seeds are thrown on the ground then grass won’t grow. It will be just a waste of time and investment.

Prepare the soil

If you prepare the soil first it will help your grass seed to germinate appropriately. So to prepare the soil you should irrigate the soil properly so that the lawn will get the water it needs. 

A hotter climate requires more water than other climates. Keep your lawn and seed moist before planting grass seed. You should know about all the things needed to prepare the lawn. 

You should know about irrigation, fertilizer, mowing and weed killer. Some homeowners sometimes also ask will grass seeds grow without using fertilizer? For them, the answer is yes. But it won’t grow completely like other grass in which you use fertilizer.

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Some seeds will sprout but the rate of germination will reduce. So it’s better to use fertilizer to grow grass seed. And you can also use straw as the best cover for new grass seed while planting seed. It is beneficial to add a coating of compost, topsoil and straw over the soil.

Planting Grass Seed

Planting Grass Seed

After preparing the soil now It’s time to scatter grass seed on the lawn. But here sometimes homeowners get confused. 

Those who already have a lawn usually ask can I plant grass seed without tilling? How can I plant grass seed on the existing lawn? and will the grass seeds grow on hard soil?

You can plant a seed without tilling by over-seeding. It gives strength to fend weeds, fungus and insects. 

You can use a rolling spreader to plant grass seed on the existing lawn. Apply two to four pounds seed on every 1000 sqft of lawn. After that for 10-14 days water the lawn 2-3 times per day to stimulate adequate germination.  

It’s tough to grow the grass seeds on hard soil. So choose a seed that has a higher chance to grow in hard soil. Because hard soil may take some years to give up its hardness. For choosing a suitable seed check the soil and then decide which seed is perfect for your lawn.

When the soil is ready choose a suitable seed and spread it on the ground. Rake the soil then scatter the seed and then rake again to mix it well or cover the seed with soil. After seeding use an exact amount of water if needed. Don’t just throw it on the ground, try to use a seed spreader for better results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it enough to sprinkle grass seed on the lawn?

You can just sprinkle grass seed on the lawn. But try to cover it with soil after sprinkling seed or it will suffer to grow and take time to sprout.

Will it grow if I just throw the grass seed down?

You can just throw grass seed down and it will grow. But it Won’t grow well as a grass seed root grows in compacted prepared soil.

Can I just throw seeds on the ground?

If you want you can just throw seed on the ground but you won’t get a good outcome. First, rake the soil to loosen it. Then sprinkle the seed and again rake it to cover the seed with soil.


Now perhaps it’s clear that if you just throw grass seed on the ground then it will grow. But the grass won’t grow as you want for your lawn. It will not grow healthy grass. 

So I will suggest you follow the grass maintenance. Grass maintenance and a perfect fertilizer schedule will help you to grow grass seed perfectly. Now hope you get the answer for “will grass seed grow if it is just thrown on the ground”? 

Try to follow the grass maintenance and avoid the method of just throwing grass seed on the ground. So that, you will be able to grow healthy grass for your lawn.