Use an Invisible Fence to Keep Your Dogs Out of Your Garden

To your pet dogs, your vegetable garden looks like an enticing playground and delicious feast just waiting for them to devour. Dogs who love to dig and eat can quickly destroy gardens and crops if they’re left unattended.

If your dogs are enthralled by your garden, it can be a constant battle to make sure they don’t damage it when you aren’t looking. For peace of mind, you may need to install a fence to keep your dogs out. Let’s explore the option of an electronic dog fence.

Advantages of Invisible Fencing

An electronic dog fence – or an “invisible fence” – is an excellent way to protect your vegetable garden from your dogs. It’s more reliable than a traditional fence, because your dogs are unable to dig underneath it.

Traditional fences don’t stop dogs who are determined enough to burrow, jump, or climb. An invisible fence and e-collar system won’t allow your dogs to get close enough to your garden to attempt to break in. If you have a compost pile in your garden, an electric dog fence will also keep your dogs safe from ingesting rotting scraps that can make them severely ill.

An invisible fence is also advantageous because it won’t obstruct your own access to the garden. With a traditional fence, you’d have to open, close, and remember to lock the gate every time you go in or out. In the spring and summer busy seasons, you may be fussing with the gate all day long.

An invisible fence allows you to simply walk into your garden, and your dogs won’t be able to follow at your heels. An underground dog fence won’t obstruct your view of your garden, either, so you’ll be able to see in it at all times. This is great if you want your plants and flowers to be on display; you can showcase your beautiful garden and protect it, too.

Installing a DIY electric fence will also save you lots of money when compared to a traditional fence. Traditional fences can cost thousands of dollars to purchase and install, and a DIY electric fence can save you more than 80 percent. Most dog fence systems start at $300, and they can cost even less.

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As long as you have a few hours free to devote to installation, you can put in your own invisible fence. It only costs $1-2 per month in electricity to run the fence, too.

Creating a “Dog Zone”

There are many different ways you can install an underground dog fence in your yard. Layouts are fully customizable, so you can maximize the space in your yard. One way to use an invisible fence is to create a “dog zone,” in which your dogs are restricted to that area only. This is great for dogs because they can feel in control of their own territory.

Their zone can be as big or small as you like, and it can take up the entire yard except for the garden, or just a portion of the yard. When your dogs have the freedom to run and roam as they please, it benefits their physical and mental health. They’ll be safely contained in their zone and unable to access restricted areas.

Enclosing Your Garden

Another way to use an electric dog fence is to enclose just your garden. Your dogs will be unable to get inside the garden, but they can go anywhere else in the yard that they please. If you already have a traditional fence around your yard, an underground or wireless barrier can be placed around your garden to create an exclusion zone that your dogs can’t enter.

You can also create an exclusion zone around your garden if you use an invisible fence around the perimeter of your property. More than one exclusion zone can be created, too, which is great if you have other off-limits areas in your yard, such as a pond or chicken coop.

Limitations of Invisible Fencing

There are some limitations of electronic dog fences to keep in mind. The main limitation is that you cannot place an e-collar on every wild animal that wants to enter your garden.

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If other animals are a concern, you may need additional tools to keep them out of your garden, such as a tall traditional fence or liquid fence, which you spray around your garden to deter animals. Invisible fencing can be used in tandem with traditional fencing for maximum protection.

Another thing to keep in mind with an invisible fence system is that it requires training. It will take about 15-30 minutes per day for two weeks to train your dogs on an electronic fence. This is only a limitation if you don’t have the time or patience to devote to consistent training.

The vast majority of dogs quickly learn their new boundaries and respond well to their e-collars. Once they’ve been trained, they will not feel the mild, annoying static shock unless they disobey.

Choosing an Electronic Dog Fence

There are many different electronic dog fence systems to choose from. They all have different features, capacities, and e-collars, so it’s important to check out our dog fence online reviews in order to determine what fence is right for you, your dogs, and your garden. The PetSafe YardMax is the most popular and reliable system, and the Innotek dog fence review is also laudatory.

If you just want to create an exclusion zone around your garden, a wireless dog fence might be sufficient for you. In this case, wireless dog fence reviews can help you choose the best system. Some things to keep in mind before selecting a dog fence are the sizes of your dogs, how many dogs you have, if you want remote training capabilities, and how big your budget is.

With an electronic dog fence, your vegetable garden will be safe from the merciless paws of your digging canines. It can give you peace of mind knowing your vegetables will grow, while your dogs are also free to enjoy their time outside in a nondestructive manner.